Stomach Fat and How to Reduce It

Well we all know how easy it can be to

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acquire, but how can you get rid of stomach fat once it’s there?

Most people think fat is fat. But there are actually two types of it – the subcutaneous stuff, which lurks beneath the skin, and the visceral stuff, which is close to the organs.

Two types of fat

Fat Belly

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Too much fat is bad for us, but even slim people can have the visceral type that can be harmful to

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health. So what can we do to get rid of that stomach fat that looks unsightly and can reduce our chances of a long healthy life?

Exercise is good (but we knew that, didn’t we?)

Spinning class at Wildmoor Spa

The first thing most people would do to get rid of their stomach fat would be to eat less. While this

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should get the thumbs up, it’s well worth exercising as well. Not only will it help trim the fat faster, it will also get rid of the stuff you can’t see – the visceral fat that can do the most damage. Vigorous exercise is the order of the day. So really, when you think about it, this is a double whammy that has some real online casinos benefits for your long term health (and for the short term too).

Eat more fibre


We’ve all heard how great fibre is for our bodies, and it turns out it can be

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a great weapon in the fight against belly fat too.

High fibre food

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For starters fibre fills you up, meaning you’ll eat less and lose excess weight. It also seems to help fight against the visceral fat. You may not be able to see the good work you’re doing to

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fight the fat in this way, but you’ll certainly feel it over time.

Apparently stress and too much or too little sleep can also be triggers for accumulating stomach fat, so if you work on these areas you can get rid of your stomach fat more easily as well. Of course exercise is a great way to help in all four areas, so if you want the best start, best get exercising!

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