Have You Considered Going Dry for January?

Dry January

The festive season is over and New Year’s Eve is a distant memory already. If you’re still feeling the effects of a hangover, Dry January is just the antidote you need.

Alcohol Concern has launched the challenge this month and it asks you to ‘banish the booze’ for 31 days. If you haven’t started yet you still can – and they provide lots of inspiration and advice to help.

The Incentive

Perhaps the best incentive of all is looking after your liver. Drinking regularly and excessively can do a lot of damage over time. While some is reversible in the early stages, long term drinkers can end up with cirrhosis. The worst case scenario is liver failure, but even if you don’t think you drink to excess your liver will thank you for going dry for a month.

The Dry January challenge gives you an incentive to start the New Year in a healthier way. They also encourage you to get your family and friends to sponsor you not to drink for the month. If you do this you can donate your money to Alcohol Concern to help those who have problems with alcohol.

The Benefits

Where shall we start? By not drinking for a whole month you’ll very likely lose weight through consuming fewer calories – even if you eat exactly the same

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amount. You’ll likely feel healthier as well, especially if you tend to drink to excess whenever you go out and can’t remember everything that happened.

And let’s not forget the cost of buying alcohol. If you don’t drink for a whole month (whether you buy cans or bottles for home or you go out to pubs) you’ll notice the effects on your pocket too. You’ll be able to save a lot of money during January. You can donate some to charity and perhaps treat yourself to something in the sales as well!

weight loss

It has also been discovered that many people who take part in Dry January end up drinking less beyond that time too. You might find you cut down significantly after the month is over, once you have seen the benefits to your waistline and your pocket.

So why not get started now? If you didn’t start on New Year’s Day, go dry for 31 days from today instead. Sign up for their newsletter at www.dryjanuary.org.uk and look for support from other people by searching for the #DryJanuary hashtag.

Images courtesy of; www.dryjanuary.org.uk and www.helpmeloseweightforgood.com