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Rules and Regulations

The following information has been produced to ensure that all Members are assured of a comfortable and enjoyable experience on each and every one of their visits. Although detailed in their nature, it is anticipated that for the majority of Members there will be little need to even refer to them. They do however allow the Management of the Club to provide a service that we believe is second to none.

  1. Management
    1. The Club is managed by Bird Enterprises Limited. The Hunting Lodge, Upper Billesley, Stratford upon Avon. Warwickshire CV37 9RA. Reg. No. 3563447
    2. The management shall maintain a list of members/spa users and their addresses and other personal and financial information as approved under the Data Protection Act (1984).


  1. Membership Definitions
    1. Individual: A single membership category often referred to as the head or main member.
    2. Partner: Referred to, when added to an individual’s membership to become a joint membership.
    3. Joint: A membership category consisting of an individual and a partner whereby all payments are debited from one direct debit mandate.
    4. Annual Membership Fee: The amount levied for a twelve month membership whether ‘individual’ or ‘joint’ payable as an annual lump sum or by monthly direct debt.
    5. Membership fee: A fee payable by all Members on a monthly or an annual basis.
    6. Joining fee: A non-refundable fee payable by a prospective Member upon the Club application for membership.
    7. Guest fee: A fee payable by a guest of a Member.


  1. Club Rules and Regulations
    1. The Club may from time to time vary and revoke the Rules and Regulations of the Club, providing notice via the Main Reception.
    2. In these Club Rules the headings are for ease of reference only and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation of the Rules.
    3. If any provision within these Club Rules is declared illegal or otherwise unenforceable the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
    4. Any dispute or difference, which may arise with regard to the interpretation of these Rules shall be determined by the Club General Manager whose decision will be final and binding on all Members. These Rules are subject to amendment by the Club.


  1. Joining and Membership Fees

Joining and Membership fees shall be fixed by the Club and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified by post of any changes in the fees prior to the date of the alteration. Details of the Club facilities for which tariff charges will be made will be available, together with the level of such tariff charge at the Club Main Reception, and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified of such changes in the tariff charges at least 14 days prior to the tariff alteration.

  1. Membership is transferable. Members can sell/assign/transfer membership providing the General Manager is aware and agrees to the terms. A transfer fee and joining fee may apply in order to make these changes.
  2. Upon registration as a single or joint Annual Member, a joining fee is payable to the Club, which shall in no circumstances be refundable. If a Member (for whatever reason) ceases to be a member and then re-joins he or she shall be liable to pay the prevailing Joining Fee upon re -joining.
  3. When the joining fee of an applicant has been paid and his or her application for Membership has been accepted by the General Manager, he or she will become a Member of the Club and will be entitled to all privileges of Membership and shall be bound by the Club rules.
  4. All membership applications must be on the forms prescribed by the Club and Applicants may be subject to an interview at the discretion of the Club.
  5. The Club reserves the right to reject an application for membership, or refuse admission without ascribing any reason for so doing.
  6. In addition to the Joining Fee an annual Subscription Fee shall be payable by or on behalf of each single or joint Annual Member which shall be due and payable upon joining and upon each anniversary of the Member’s joining date. This Subscription Fee must be paid by lump sum on the date which you become a Member and thereafter on each anniversary of that date during your Membership. Alternatively should you wish to pay your Subscription fee by monthly payments, you must pay every month in advance. However please note that whichever method of payment you choose, the Subscription Fee for the first 3-24 months after you join is not refundable depending on your initial contact length.
  7. On acceptance of an application, a Member will be provided with a membership key which will remain the property of the Club and upon termination of membership will be returnable on the Club on demand.
  8. Membership fees are payable annually or by means of a direct debiting system offered by the Club.
  9. Members will be required to join for a minimum period of three months.
  10. Joining and Membership fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  11. Any payment failure by the due date will result in an administration charge being levied and/or debt collection procedures though a third party.


  1. Membership Keys
    1. Members must carry their Technogym Wellness ™ Key when visiting the Club and show them to the Club Reception or Club Management when asked to do so. The loss of a key should be reported immediately to the Club Reception and a replacement fee of £12.50 per replacement key may be charged. Any misuse of membership keys will result in an immediate cancellation of membership.
    2. The Club is not responsible for any charges incurred as a result of a lost or stolen membership key unless the loss has been reported.


  1. Change of Membership Category
    1. Members wishing to change their membership category may be charged an administration fee (excluding ‘Partner’ upgrades to ‘Individual’ memberships).
    2. Partner Members are required to become Individual Members in the event of the Individual Member terminating. This involves paying all future membership fees at the ‘Individual’ rate rather than the ‘Partner’ rate.
    3. The Club reserves the right to vary the rights attaching to any class of membership and to introduce other categories of membership having such rights as the Club in its absolute discretion may determine.
    4. If two Joint Annual Members no longer wish to remain as joint Members they may elect to become single Annual Members by notifying the Club and completing an administration form at main reception and by commencing the payment of two Single Annual Subscription Fees, in the month immediately following the notice to the Club.
    5. If one of two Joint Annual Members chooses to discontinue membership at any renewal date the other member may elect to continue as an Annual Member without paying a further joining Fee but paying an Annual Subscription Fee.
    6. Members are responsible for advising the Club Administration Manager of any address changes or changes of credit/debit card information.


  1. Membership Suspension

Members may apply for the temporary suspension of their membership for a period of between two to nine consecutive months. This may help the member if due to personal circumstances; they cannot use the facilities, for example illness, temporary work assignment away from the area, pregnancy or unemployment. This suspension is at the discretion of the Club Management and a suspension fee will be levied per calendar month. The remainder of the twelve month membership commitment must still be honoured once the suspension period is over. One months’ notice is required for all suspensions.

Student Memberships will be allowed a minimum of one calendar month to 9 calendar months suspension. Students may be allowed free suspension. A single 12 month student membership may not elapse a three year term including the use of this suspension policy. Once three years have passed the student will no longer be offered the ability to suspend their account and must complete any outstanding monthly membership payments.

Pre-paid Annual Memberships may also be allowed a minimum of one calendar month to 9 calendar months suspension. No suspension fees are incurred for Annual Memberships.

  1. Termination of Membership
    1. Membership is fixed for three to twenty four months, thereafter any member wishing to resign may do so by giving one months’ notice by way of completing a cancellation form at main reception prior to the 1st of each month, unless otherwise agreed by the Membership Administrator. This notice period must be paid for in equal instalments over the relevant notice period (i.e. one month), or shall:
      1. Not be entitled to any refund of his or her Annual Subscription Fee and
      2. Be liable to pay forthwith such part of the Annual Subscription Fee for the then current year of membership that shall be unpaid.
    2. Any individual or joint Annual Member who:
      1. fails to pay his or her Annual Subscription Fee or give an appropriate variable Direct Debt within 1 month of his or her joining or the date of renewal of his or her membership or;
      2. ceases to pay is or her monthly variable Direct Debit;

will be sent one written reminder by the Club requesting payment and if 14 days after such warning the outstanding Subscription Fee has not been paid the Membership may be cancelled at the absolute discretion of the Club and all outstanding Annual Subscription Fees for the whole of the Member’s current membership year shall be forthwith due and payable.

  1. The Club will follow county court proceedings to recover any debt.
  2. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission and/or suspend and/or expel any Member forthwith if:
    1. In the opinion of the Club that Member is in breach of the Rules.
    2. The conduct of such Member might in the reasonable opinion of the Club be injurious to the character or other interests of the Club or the safety and enjoyment of the Membership or would otherwise render such Member unfit to associate with Members.
    3. Before a member is expelled or suspended the alleged conduct and/or breach of the Rules of the Member or Members concerned shall be enquired into by the Membership Administrator and the person involved shall be given the opportunity to defend himself or herself and to justify or explain his or her behaviour.
  3. A Member expelled forfeits all the privileges of Membership without claim for any refund of all or any part of their joining or Subscription Fees.
  4. The Club shall have in any event the right at its absolute discretion to terminate the Membership of any Individual or Joint Annual Member on notice on the date upon which his or her membership is to be renewed without claim for any refund of all or any part of his or her Joining Fee.


  1. Opening Hours
    1. The club will open from 6.30am-10.00pm Monday-Thursday, 6.30am-9.00pm Friday, 7.30am-8.00pm Saturday and Sunday. Bank Holiday Opening hours are 7.30am-8.00pm however these may vary. The Club will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, The Club may reduce the opening hour around the festive season however any amendments to the opening hours will be displayed within the club at main reception. Last admittance to the Club is 9.30pm Monday-Thursday, 8.30pm Friday and 7.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Please ask at main reception for the latest brasserie opening hours.
    2. All opening hours may vary subject to usage levels, but one month’s written notice will be given to members.
  2. Use of the Facilities

A Member is entitled to use the respective facilities, provided always that the club may at any time, without penalty, withdraw all or part of such facilities for any period or periods and with or without notice in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work, or for any other reason which the General Manager of the Club deems necessary.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on the Club grounds or premises at any time.

  1. Studio and Spa Bookings
    1. Advanced Studio Bookings are subject to availability, up to seven days in advance either in person at reception or by telephone. Online Bookings may be made up to six days in advance.
    2. Advanced Spa Bookings may be made up to twelve months in advance either by telephoning Spa reception or in person. A deposit will be required in all circumstances.
    3. All Spa bookings must be confirmed on arrival.
    4. Cancellation/No Show terms as follows
      1. More than 48 hours’ notice given – permitted with no charge incurred.
      2. Less than 48 hours’ notice given – 100% of the cost will be incurred
      3. Group bookings must give at least 7 days’ notice or the booking cost will be incurred.


  1. Studio Etiquette

Admittance to Studio Classes will be denied after scheduled start times. As a matter of etiquette Members must be courteous to other Members exercising around them and must do only those exercises that the instructor and participants are performing.

  1. Footwear, other than recognised Mind and Body apparel, is not permitted in the Mind and Body studio.
  2. To improve the efficiency of our timetable we courteously request that all members neatly stow all class related equipment after use.


  1. Personal Training/Coaching/Tuition

All coaching is controlled by the Club and should be arranged with its knowledge and consent. Coaching is undertaken by the qualified coaches appointed by the Club and no other coaching is permitted unless advance permission is gained from the General Manager. Covert coaching may result in immediate termination of Membership.

  1. Dress codes

Members and their Guests are asked to dress appropriately in light of the time of day and place on all occasions. The following guidelines must be observed:

  1. Clothing must be worn at all times.
  2. Soiled training shoes or clothing will not be permitted.
  3. Brasserie terms as follows
    1. Fitness/Aerobics workout clothing is permitted, but must be unsoiled.
    2. Swimming costumes are not permitted within the brasserie area unless concealed under a Wildmoor Spa robe provided by the club.
    3. Spa slippers, shoes or training shoes must be worn at all times in the brasserie and concourse areas.
    4. Spa guests using the Health Club must wear the supplied robes and slippers or their own clothing.


  1. Guests
    1. All Guests must be accompanied by the Member introducing them. The Guest must sign in at Reception by completing a Guest Registration Form and the Guest must pay an individual Guest fee.
    2. Members must ensure that their Guests abide by the rules of the Club and accept responsibility for the Guests’ behaviour.
    3. A Social Guest may need to pay a nominal fee for access to the Brasserie which may be redeemable against purchases.
    4. The same Guest may not visit the Club, other than as a Social Guest more than four times in any Club year. A maximum of three paying or Social Guests per Member are permitted at any one time. Social Guests may only use the Brasserie and pre-booked Spa Facilities. If a Social Guest of a Member is found to be using any facility other than the Brasserie, then the membership of that Member will be cancelled.
    5. No person whose membership of the Club has been cancelled or whose application for membership has at any time been refused shall be admitted as a Guest
    6. The Club reserves the right to refuse any person to be admitted as a guest to the Club.


  1. Fitness Arena
    1. Members and their Guests are particularly advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities for which they may be medically unfit. Members and Guests who have any reservation as to their physical condition are advised to have a medical check-up before embarking on any exercise.
    2. All members must ensure that their Guests sign the appropriate disclaimer form before using the facility.
    3. Members do not need to undergo any Club health and fitness assessment or supervised instruction session before using the Fitness Arena however any injuries incurred without an induction to the fitness facilities the Club is not liable for as the option to undergo a fitness assessment is always available.
    4. Correct attire, including footwear and T-Shirts must be worn at all times.
    5. Gym towels must be taken into the Fitness Area and used to clean machines of perspiration or used the antibacterial tissue provided in the Gym.


  1. Wet Areas
    1. No running jumping or diving in the pool is allowed.
    2. For reasons of health and hygiene, it is necessary for all Members and Guests to shower before entering the pool Showers are provided for this purpose in the changing areas and on poolside. Members and Guests with communicable maladies may not use the pool.
    3. Radios, lilos and anything which the Club in its absolute discretion considers to be detrimental to the use of the pool and its environment are not permitted.
    4. Members and Guests are asked to wear swimming costumes at all times.
    5. No food is to be taken into or consumed in any of the wet areas.


  1. Herbal Sauna/Crystal Steam Room/ Caldarium
    1. Members and Guests must shower after using these rooms and before using the swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool
    2. Members and Guests are asked to wear swimming costumes at all times.
    3. Shaving is not permitted in any area with the exception of allocated vanity units within the changing rooms.
    4. Members and Guests with communicable maladies may not use these facilities.
    5. Members must sit on a towel in the sauna.
    6. Pregnant Members, sufferers of high blood pressure or any cardiac irregularity must not use these areas and all users should seek medical advice before using these facilities.


  1. Sunbeds

All sunbed users must read and abide by the sunbed user guides located in the sunbed rooms prior to use. In the interests of safety, eye protection is supplied at point of sale and must be worn whilst the beds are in operation. Members and guests are requested to clean the sunbeds before and after use with the cleaning materials provided.


  1. Lockers
    1. For security reasons, Members and Guests are asked to store personal belongings and valuables in the lockers provided. Lockers are provided on a daily basis only and items left overnight may be removed on the following day and stored in lost property.
    2. A limited number of rental lockers are available on a first come first served basis, payable in advance.


  1. Safety and Hygiene
    1. In the interest of safety and hygiene, crockery and glasses are restricted to the brasserie and terrace.
    2. No pets will be allowed in the Club buildings or grounds, with the exception of guide dogs.
    3. Entry to the Club is only permitted via the Club Reception entrance.
    4. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and Members and Guests are asked to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit when the fire alarm sounds.
    5. Cars must be parked in the marked areas only and must not block service roads or emergency exits.
    6. Cars may not be parked or left at the Club overnight, except with the prior permission of the Club Management, and are left at the owners risk.
    7. All Members should be mindful of their own personal hygiene after exercise.


  1. Lost Property

All lost property found on the premises should be handed in to the Club Reception. If excessive volumes of lost property are not being claimed most items will be stored for three days. More valuable items, or obviously more material items, will be stored in the Club’s safe for seven days. Thereafter, all items will be donated to local charities as the Club is unable to gauge the significance of any sentimental value that lost property items may hold.

  1. Liability

The Club’s liability for damage or loss to Members’ or Guests’ property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of negligence of the Club and its staff. The Club reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to store any such personal property of Members or Guests. Property stored in lockers provided by the Club is stored at the owner’s risk and no liability for loss or damage thereto will be accepted by the dub. Vehicles, bicycles etc, parked or left in the Club car parks or elsewhere on the premises of the Club and all contents in them or on then, are left at the owner’s risk and the Club will accept no liability for loss or damage in respect thereof. The club reserves the right to clamp vehicles parked illegally or parked overnight. A removal fee of £75 will be levied to such vehicles. The Club cannot accept any liability for any accident to any Member or Guest that may occur on the premises or within the grounds of the Club other than liability which may arise from negligence of the Club and its staff. Any Member or Guest who suffers an accident on the Club premises or in the Club grounds must report the accident and the circumstances under which it occurred, to the General Manager or the Duty Manager immediately following the accident.

  1. General
    1. The General Managers decision is final and binding in all matters, but these rules and regulations do not affect your statutory rights.
    2. Neither you or we shall be deemed to be in breach of these rules and regulations by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform, any of your or our respective obligations in relation to these rule and regulations, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond your or our reasonable control including but not limited to, acts of God, explosions, actual or suspected terrorist attacks, floods, fire or accident, war or threat of war, sabotage, civil disturbance, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority, import or export regulations or embargoes or industrial actions or trade disputes.